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When was the last time you looked around, I mean really look around? Children are smiling and playing, laughing and dancing. They are learning and growing, helping and respecting others. WHY…?

Because today someone told and proved to them that they are special. Not because of what they do, or where they come from. They are special, simply because God made them. And He does not make mistakes.

One day I visited a school where one of our volunteers was busy with a class.
“Well, good morning you beautiful children” I said. One boy stood up,
“Oh no, Miss, we are special!” he replied.

If we can make children realise that they are worthy and special, despite of their negative circumstances, what a wonderful world this would be. And if everybody has to wait for someone else to do this, what a broken world it would stay. – Luani Oosthuizen

We are a Registered Non-profit Non-governmental Christian-based Organisation NPO 082-771.

Our aim is to help children realise that they are special, for the love of God is not only ours to keep, but His to Share. And who better to share it with than the leaders and followers of tomorrow.