Benefits of introducing children to the amazing world of hand and finger puppets.

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Their ease of use and low level of puppetry skill required in using them makes hand- and finger- puppets the most popular puppets on the market. This includes sock- and glove- puppets which are merely variations of hand puppets.

Simple, easy-to-use hand- and finger-puppets are essentially sold as children’s toys. Being aware of what you as parent can achieve with the aid of puppets will change your perception of them. If you think of a puppet as a lifeless toy – just another addition to the overflowing toy box -then this article is for you.

A thorough understanding of how puppets can enrich your relationship with your child will enhance both your own and your child’s puppet experience.

When you give your child a puppet you are not merely giving him or her another toy. You are providing them with a friend and a confidant.When you use a puppet to the best of your advantage you are providing yourself with a key to your child’s deepest thoughts.

What Makes Hand and Finger Puppets So Special?

Not only can you provide your child with invaluable lessons during a puppet show you will be amazed at what you can learn about your child while he or she interacts with the puppets. You can gain insight into how your child thinks and feels about various topics that may be of concern to you. If approached correctly puppet sessions can become a very meaningful mechanism to create a platform for healing communication if and when the need arises. Interaction with puppets encourages self-expression and helps a child cope with his fears and feelings.

Puppets are one of the few toys that have lasted throughout the years as a favorite among both children and adults alike. This is mainly I suppose because many of the toys on the market are a passing phase and what may be hot today will be outdated by next week. Puppets however never cease to capture the imaginations of their audiences as they create a fascinating imaginary world. They have the ability to break down barriers providing an effective means to initiate communication. When it comes to dealing with problems, children find it easier to work through something that is troubling them if they can externalize the problem. Puppets provide them with the opportunity to do this.

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