People with a passion for children and the Word of God. Giving their time within schools.. The facilitators are volunteers. I am Special provides them with training, assistance, lesson material and equipment ensuring the classes are presented in excellence and joy. To visit our classes Please book a VIP Tea & Tour or fill out our involvement form below.

Hello my name is Willeen

“It was the most wonderful feeling when I realised, I am being used by God as an instrument to work with these children. Being a part of this team is an honor and privilege, but the biggest honor is that I get to tell these children how much God loves them and how special they truly are. After 9 years of spending time in the schools and classes as a facilitator the children now start to ask questions, challenging you to bring them the truth, they don’t just sit back and listen, they participate and that is why doing I am Special is a gift I received from God”


People that want to be involved but can only give limited time, resources or treasure. Helping I am Special to reach more children and into the community. Our helping hands are those people that help when they can, give what they can when they can

Hello my name is Annemie

I was in a place in my life where I had this feeling I wanted to help and give. I prayed and asked God where because I had no idea where I was needed, and in the most wonderful way God brought me to I am Special ministries. I started getting involved with the idea that I was going to bless others, but instead I received so much in return. That feeling of being able to mean something to someone linked with the most beautiful smiles on little faces was my blessing. It is a big honour to be able to be a helping hand.


Our street store is our newest community project where we have taken hands with Atlantis Community Church to generate funds for them, become active in the community and fulfill a need.

More than just a fundraiser

You can help us through donating 2nd hand goods like clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories.




Vision bearer & Founder

Luani Oosthuizen
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Admin, Bookings and Enquiries:

Ilana Kruger
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